General and Cosmetic Dentistry

High Tech Care

New technologies and improved equipment have made dental procedures shorter and pain free.

Digital X-Rays

Over the years film speed has brought the exposure time of dental radiography down from almost 1.0 second to .60 of a second. Now, Digital X-Rays have brought the exposure time down to .08 of a second. That means 7.5 digital dental x-rays equal the exposure of just one x-ray in 1970.

Panoramic X-Ray

This x-ray gives Dr. Allen a view of all tissues surrounding your oral cavity. Sometimes we find cancerous cysts, infections, and impacted teeth not normally visible on periapical x-rays.

Intra-Oral Video

High resolution photos taken from a small video camera enable Dr. Allen see potential problems that might otherwise be missed.

Loupe and Headlamp

"You cannot do well what you cannot see well." Dr. Allen uses loupes(magnifiers), neither of which are new but together allow Dr. Allen to do his best work.

ZOOM2 Teeth Whitening

Go to the Zoom page for great information on this procedure.
Improved Electric Handpiece for Root Canals

Digitally controlled very slow turning device that "senses" the root and automatically reverses the turning. It's all about gentle sensitivity and more info for the doctor to do better work.


Lasers have many uses today, from scanning food at HEB to eye surgery. We have two lasers.

The "Diagnodent" by Kavo is like the scanner and is painless. It simply scans the surface of the tooth and interpolates the fluorescence of the tooth into surface density. It tells us if the tooth does or does not have decay.

We use a "Saphire" pulsed NdYag laser by DenMat to painlessly oblate (destroy) all bacteria, viruses, and spores. It essentially sterilizes the gum pocket and becomes a valued part of periodontal disease control. Dr. Allen has had a laser certificate since 1993.

Sterilization Area

All items used in the oral cavity are sterilized. Most are cleaned in an ultrasonic solution, rinsed, bagged and placed in an automated steam sterilizer. Other items are placed in glutaraldehyde and "cold sterilized." Sanitation is verified using a spore tester.